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@ Greetings, Jenny and I thank you so much for your Special prayers concerning her Nursing Exam today. She passed!!!! Delighted & grateful! Praise God! Thank you again. Your prayers mean so much to us. Peace and blessings to you and your ministry. Sincerely,
Donna A.*

@ Dear pastor Mike, you certainly changed my life - thanks to your healing prayer my cancer is gone!!!! I am so grateful to God for giving you the ability to help me!!  God Bless you for the difference you make in people's lives !!!! ~ Irene W. *


@ Pastor Louri has had a huge impact on my life. Through his prayer, I found salvation saved my life, my marriage, my family. I pray for him and thank God for his work, his ministry, and his pure walk with God. ~James M. *


@ After someone placed a curse on me, my life became a nightmare, I lost everything I had, and almost lost my life. Pastor Louri's prayers led me to true God, saved my NFL career, and gave me a chance for a new life in Christ!. ~RB*


@ I lost my job and was unemployed for almost 2 years. I found a new job 2 weeks after I asked Pastor Louri for help. Thank you Lord and thank you Pastor Michael so much for your help. ~ Andrew L. *


@ Thank you for your help and for your miracle prayers pastor Mike, my son is healthy and alive. Thanks for letting God speak and do His miracles through you and being an inspiration to others. ~Ernie B. *


@ Thank you Mr.Louri for your prayers, you have made a great change in my life by leading me to Jesus. My life is different now, because of your prayers and spiritual protection!! Looking forward to what comes next. ~James K. *


@ Thank you Pastor Mike for all your help. Thank you so much for being obedient to God's calling on your life. With your prayers, you have helped me with my bad luck, gave me my life back, helped me spiritually, and taught me the importance and the beauty of God's love for us. ~Gary E. *


@ Thank you Pastor Michael for removing my curses. What a blessing you have been for me and so many. ~Linda L. *


@ Many prayers and blessings to you and your family Pastor Mike for your healing prayers that cured me. Thank you for spreading the love of Jesus. ~Beth P. *


@ I was cursed and haunted by my past, living in misery, now I am free from darkness and living a new, happy, successful life. Thank you Mr.Louri for your prayers and leading me to Christ!   ~Victor J. *


@ I was "blind", stupid and made a lot of mistakes in my life, Pastor Louri broke my curses and showed me the road to salvation, now I can live my life free of spiritual oppression. Thank you Pastor Louri for removing my curses and for saving my life by helping me to find Christ  ~Rebeca T. *


@ Pastor Louri is a real deal! Through his prayers, he saved the live of my daughter. God really spoke to my heart when He led me to pastor Mike Louri and my life has changed forever since. ~John C. *


@ Thank you for healing my daughter from depression, confusion, and spiritual problems. Thank you for saving our relationship and our family. ~Larry T. *

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